Trusted Trade Alliance

Facilitating International Trade for Business and Government

Global trade has become crucial to the world's economic well-being, and is the lifeblood of many businesses; it remains an engine of economic growth and the means by which millions of individuals make their living.

While international trading volumes remain strong, the past several years have seen an increase in trade barriers, new regulatory requirements, restrictions, and sanctions affecting international business. Impediments to the free flow of goods across borders have increased, and with them the need to ensure compliance with myriad due diligence, reporting, documentation, and tax and duty payment obligations. More recently, enactment of new environmental and human rights mandates affecting supply chains are being layered onto existing security- and consumer safety-related requirements. And a variety of new cross-border prohibitions, sanctions and export control restrictions have been placed at the top of the list of enforcement priorities for governments, resulting in new and ever-changing layers of complex requirements to be satisfied to ensure that goods can be moved quickly across borders.

Across the globe, the Trusted Trade Alliance is dedicated to helping both business and government achieve cost-effective and efficient solutions to the challenges of today's cross-border trading environment.

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