Our Team

The Trusted Trade Alliance is comprised of a team of professionals located in more than 20 offices on six continents across the globe. Providing expert consulting to both private and public-sector clients in the fields of trade facilitation, trade automation, efficient border management, import and export compliance, supply-chain risk mitigation, TTA also focuses on trade advocacy, fostering effective public-private sector dialogue, customs and border-process focused educational and training programs for both the private and public sector, and technology assessments for both government and private-sector operators looking to optimize and upgrade their software and IT landscapes.

Our team includes noted trade compliance professionals with extensive practical experience in setting up successful customs and trade compliance organizations within major multinationals, former senior government officials, the founders of leading university customs & border management degree programs globally, and recognized experts who lead training programs for business stakeholders and front-line customs officials on six continents.

We are uniquely suited to give you support and guidance in the implementation or expansion of your company's compliance operation across multiple countries or globally. From Sydney to Buenos Aires, from Brussels to Mexico City, the Trusted Trade Alliance is there, and can assist you with your trade and supply-chain security needs.

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