Trade Advocacy

National and multi-lateral regulatory initiatives often have enormous financial impact on the bottom line of businesses engaged in international trade. Yet all too often, companies are unaware of their ability to get their concerns heard by decision-makers, and influence the outcome in a way which is beneficial to business, or at least minimizes adverse impacts. Successful trade advocacy depends on a deep knowledge of the multilateral rules underlying international trade together with experience in building consensus in what is often an extremely complex, multi-cultural global political environment.

The Trusted Trade Alliance is comprised of acknowledged leaders in the field of trade advocacy, with a focus on trade facilitation initiatives. With an unparalleled global network of experts, including noted former senior customs officials, experienced attorneys, and leaders of national and multi-lateral trade advisory and advocacy groups on our team, the Trusted Trade Alliance has resources on the ground where you need them. Our members have advisory experience with numerous national governments throughout Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, as well as with multilateral institutions such as the World Bank, its regional Development Bank affiliates, the WTO, the WCO and the United Nations. From Azerbaijan to Zambia, the principals and staff of the Trusted Trade Alliance have the network needed to get your ideas in front of the right people to get things done.

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