TTA Validator®

The supply-chain and compliance programs implemented under the WCO SAFE Framework vary in focus, requirements, and application process. But they all have in common a focus on an application by a company, the preparation and review of supporting documentation by that company, and approval by a government authority (or third-party validator) conferring an award of recognized AEO (or C-TPAT, or STP) status. A key requirement of the application process is a comprehensive self-assessment by the company against the particular program's requirements, and correction and mitigation of any gaps which may be identified. For some companies, this can be a major task in itself. But a company's obligation is not finished when its application is approved: just like any trade compliance program the authorities expect that a company will keep its compliance status up-to-date, with the ability to monitor and document any changes (and efforts to address the effects of those changes) in the event of an audit or validation of the company's continuing compliance and eligibility.

TTA Validator is an easy-to-use, web-based software solution which allows companies to efficiently assess their company's conformity with an AEO program's requirements PRIOR to submitting its application to the authorities by providing a comprehensive self-assessment tailored to the particular security program applicable to the country and type of company (e.g. importer, freight forwarder, warehouse operator) for which the program status is desired. For those programs which require the company to go out and document the status of their supply chain partners, TTA Validator also provides you with the ability to send web-based solicitation requests, to efficiently assess the results, and to document compliance over time.

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