Enrique Carlos Barreira

Enrique Carlos Barreira

Prof. Enrique Carlos Barreira is Principal Advisor, Argentina, for the Trusted Trade Alliance, and a founder and  partner at the noted law firm Barreira, Rodríguez Larreta, Sciutto Klot, Vidal Albarracín (BRSV) in Buenos Aires.   Mr. Barreira started his career with Argentinian Customs, where he was instrumental in drafting what became the Argentinean Customs Code, and moved into the private practice of law.   After leaving government, adding  to a continuing record of distinction in representing the interests of his private-sector clients, Mr. Barreira served on a public-sector commission appointed to draft a Mercosur customs code, assisted Paraguay in a project to  amend its customs code, and was appointed on several occasions by the Argentinean government as an arbiter at the Mercosur Arbitral Court.

Mr. Barreira is the author of the three-volume definitive commentary on the Customs Code of Argentina, is editor of the noted scholarly journal Revista de Estudios Aduaneros, and has been a professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Buenos Aires for a number of years.

Fluent in Spanish and English, Enrique Barreira is a graduate in law of Buenos Aires University.   He is a Member of the Argentinean Institute of Taxation Studies and of the Argentinean Institute of Customs Studies.  He has been active in the Buenos Aires Bar Association for many years, most recently as Vice-President of the Taxation Law Commission, and is an active member of the Academia Internacional de Derecho Aduanero  (International Academy of Customs Law). Mr. Barreira is a frequent speaker at conferences in Argentina, Europe and throughout the Americas.


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